Posted by Langley Baseball Association on May 13 2013 at 10:41PM PDT

MAY 25th, City Park

We are currently in the process of raising money to build a new clubhouse at City Park.

The mascot for the Vancouver Canadians will be at Langley City Park from 10-11 AM

There will be prizes for the longest hitter from each team as well as top fund-raiser from all age groups.

GRAND PRIZE – To the players who collect the most money from pledges overall:

1st – Seattle Mariners MLB tickets – Donated by FRASER VALLEY WIRELESS
2nd – Vancouver Canadians tickets
3rd – $ 75 Gift card
4th – $ 50 Gift card

TEAM PRIZE – To the team who collects the most money from pledges overall.————-Prize – Laser Tag team party

Prizes to be awarded for:

Longest Hit Overall.
1- Winner receives Large trophy and other prizes

Longest Hit per Division
Longest Hit per Team
Random draw prizes will be awarded for pledges over $20

( 1 ) Samsung Galaxy Tablet valued $ 500 retail – Donated by FRASER VALLEY WIRELESS
( 2 ) Television
( 3 ) Utility Kit


Prizes to be awarded on June 1, 2013 at City Park-Time to be announced.

What does this mean for the players / parents? All players will be asked to seek flat rate pledges from family, neighbors and friends. A pledge sheet will be provided for easy completion. Players must hand in all Bat-a-thon pledge envelopes on Bat-a-thon Day. Players will not be going back to the sponsors/donors to collect monies following the Bat-a-thon (This is why there is not a pledge for per foot.).

On Saturday May, 25, 2013

Players must be ready to go at their designated time slot – players should arrive 10 minutes early. There will not be designated warm up time. Coaches may allow warm-up behind the 9-10 diamond as long as it does not interfere with the Tee ball diamond.

Pledge cards with sponsorship monies (cash or cheques payable to Langley Baseball) must be turned into the Team mom at the time of the team’s designated batting slot so that the distance can be recorded. Pledge cards not handed in on May 25, 2013 will be ineligible for

Prizes. Team moms will hand in completed pledge forms to the concession on the day of the Bat-a-thon.

- There must be a minimum of two coaches (or adults) supervising each team in order to avoid injuries.

- All batters must wear a helmet.

-The ball will be measured from where the ball comes to a complete stop.

-Batters will get 5 hits each.

Bottles can be dropped off at Blacklock Elementary form 9am to 4pm on May 25th

If anyone has any questions or requires additional information please contact the event coordinators Tyler Watt or Mike McColm at:

Good luck and see you all on May 25th!


Tyler Watt & Mike McColm


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